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Escazú is a land of culture, legends and living traditions, where there are still farmers, traditional oxcarts, masquerades and sugarcane mills. Is a town full of happy people that are always lookingto show their way of happy living. Join us to know this beautiful town, and get ready to hear a lotof witches stories, such as the one forZárate Witch! While dancing with the traditional Costa Rican Masquerade.


We will visit Don Gerardo Montoya ́s masquerade workshop, Don Gerardo is a pioneer in the creation of masquerades, which for many years have filled the streets of Escazú with joy. We will earn from the masquerades history, elaboration and techniques that are used to capture this art, and even “dance”some of his works to the rhythm of the ̈cimarrona ̈ a traditional music used to dance with masquerades. We will also taste his famous chicha (corn ferment).A truly Costa Rican experience!


We will know the most traditional way to extract the sugar from the sugarcane plant. This workshop is one of the last in the country in its traditional form of production, where the cane is crushed by a mill carried by oxen, then take advantage of its juice and make the famous ̈tapas de dulce ̈, here the visitor will know the true Costa Rican essence.



It is a space of constant transformation, creation and renewal, its objective is to achieve self-sustainability food, create communal networks and be a model space for environmental education and the spread of permaculture as a way of life. We learn how to apply ethics and design principles in our homes, life and community. We will recognize medicinal, edible, fruit plants, and trees. Come and know the most sustainable way of living

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